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"Hmm… it’s hot… everyone is busy… and today is a day off" He yawned lightly rubbing at his eyes before glancing up and blinking a bit. What was going on over there? He thought, standing and walking over to check it out.

Jin rubbed his cheek where the girl who he was hanging out with gave him a tight slap before after scolding him loudly before she stormed away angrily. The red head shrugged his shoulder before he leaned against the wall crossing his arms. “Whoever is behind that wall. You can come out. There nothing for you to see over here.”

Good Evening! -the hugging anon chimes happily before hugging Shu and all muses tightly together- I hope today was a amazing day for you! As well that tomorrow's even better!

"Thank you hugging anon." Charlie answered with a smile on his face as he return the hug,


Thank you hugging anon. I had a great day, I hope it’s the same for you as well.

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» Celebrating Birthday || Daken & Seiko


The cake was delicious indeed, also because daken had bought it in one of the best shops of the city. She usually didn’t like spending money but she had thought that, for once, she could make an exception and buy an expensive cake for her birthday. The expense was surely worth it! She nibbled on her slice as well, smiling happily. One of the girl’s weaknesses was chocolate after all.

"Seiko, your food is always delicious… Ah, by the way, I want to taste your biscuits too!". While saying this she was opening the box Seiko had given her, and she took out a biscuit. "Aiko, take one too and tell me if your sister’s biscuits are good, eh!", she said, winking at the little phoenix. then she ate the biscuit. "As I imagined, it’s so good!".


A blush form on Seiko’s face when she heard Daken’s compliment on her cooking “Y-You flatter me too much Daken.” she muttered fidgeting her hands nervously. Aiko giggle seeing her sister’s embarrassed expression.

The young phoenix lean forward taking a biscuit from the box before she took a bite out from it savoring the taste. “Aiko have to side with Sister Daken that Sister’s biscuit is really delicious.”

Seiko’s face turned even redder “Not you too Aiko.. but I am glad you like it. I was worried that it might not be to your liking.”

» Celebrating Birthday || Daken & Seiko


The girl took a glass of water and put the flowers in it so that they would stay fresh for longer, then she smelled their perfume once again. It was the first time someone was giving her a present on her birthday and she was so thankful and happy for it. “It’s a chocolate cake, I hope you like it. I obviously haven’t baked it by myself… I bought it!”, she giggled.

She turned back and winked at Aiko. “I can’t say my wish out loud, but… maybe it has something to do with the flower shop?”, she said in a mysterious way, smiling happily and sitting down next to the two girls. 


Aiko nodded her head, a smile spread across her face “Aiko like eating chocolate cake. Thank you sister Daken.” she chirped happily taking as she took a seat in front of one of the chocolate cake beside her sister.

The young phoenix giggle placing her hand over her mouth “Aiko can guess Sister Daken’s wish now but Aiko wouldn’t say it out loud.” Seiko giggle as she took a bite out from the chocolate cake that Daken had brought. “It’s delicious. I still have much to learn regarding cake baking.”

» Celebrating Birthday || Daken & Seiko


Not that she wanted a present anyway: it was already a wonderful thing that, for the first time in her life, she could spend her birthday with someone else rather than be completely alone. Before she could thank Seiko again, Aiko popped out and Daken couldn’t help a giggle.

"Ah, these flowers are wonderful!", she said, taking the flowers and smelling them. so good… "Thank you so much, Aiko! Have some cake too, you deserve it", she said, cutting two more slices of chocolate cake. 


A smile widen on Aiko’s face when she saw that Daken love the present that she gave her. Aiko’s face lightened up when Daken mention about cake “Cake! Aiko love cake the most. Sister Daken have you make a wish? What wish did you make? My sister say if you make a wish right now it will come true.” 

Seiko chuckle seeing her younger sister’s innocent expression. She lowered herself down to Aiko’s height patting her gently on the head “Aiko if Sister Daken say out the wish she made it wouldn’t come true anymore.”

» Celebrating Birthday || Daken & Seiko



"Aah, thank you so much, Seiko!". The demon girl hugged the phoenix and quickly kissed her cheek before accepting the biscuits. "Oh, thank you, you didn’t have to bake these… Have a slice of cake with me, mh?". 

A smile form on Seiko’s face as she shook her head “I don’t know what to give you for your birthday. This is the least I could come up with.”

Aiko ran up to the both of them with a bunch of flowers in her hand holding it to Daken “Happy birthday Sister Daken. Aiko picked all these bunch of flowers for you.”

» dark starter sentences
some yandere, some angst, some rivalry, but no happy stuff on this list
"You actually thought i cared about you?"
"I wonder how loudly i can make you scream in agony?"
"You're a monster!"
"It would be a shame if i had to damage that pretty face of yours."
"You're all mine now."
"How could you do this to me!?"
"I trusted you!"
"Is that supposed to scare me?"
"Put the knife down."
"You're scaring me..."
"You look so sexy when you're all bloodied and bruised like that~"
"I wonder how many volts it would take to kill you?"
"Why are you pointing that gun at me?"
"Let me go!"
"You're so cute when you struggle like that~"
"Your blood smells wonderful."
"Who did this to you?"
"You're in my way."
"I thought you were dead!"
"Help me!"
"Long live the king."
"What did they do to you?"
"What have you done?"
"Maybe i should carve a pretty picture in your flesh?"
"Don't worry, I won't do anything fatal, I just need some information."
"I don't care what you do to me, I'll never tell you!"
"Stop it, your hurting me!"
"They'll kill you!"
"I hate you."
"The only reason I chained you up is to show you how much I love you!"
"If you keep struggling like that I'll have to punish you~"
» Celebrating Birthday || Daken & Seiko



"Happy birthday to me!". She has bought a big chocolate cake and she’s planning to eat it to celebrate her birthday. Does anyone want a slice?

"Happy Birthday Daken!" Seiko moved forward pulling her friend into a tight hug. "I have made some biscuits to go along with the cake. It isn’t much but I hope you like it."

» A Shady Invitation (Charlie & Leon) || kyuketsuki-kuro


There was something strange in the smile on Dante’s lips: at a first sight it looked perfectly normal and calm, and also really charming, the kind of smile ladies liked a lot; but taking a better look at it, it could make people feel uncomfortable. It was fake, as if it was painted on the vampire’s face, it wasn’t a real emotion. It was just a mask, something that could be put on and taken off in any moment. But anyway it looked like the black-haired wasn’t going to change his expression at all.


"Ah, so you came here uninvited… I don’t know if the Duke will be happy about it", he commented after he heard Charlie’s words, but he ended up shrugging afterwards. "Oh, how rude of you! I’m not here to start an argument with my old friend Leon. I have simply received the same invitation as you. I don’t even know why the Duke asked us to come here, that is”, he replied with an amused smile on his lips that made his sharp fangs show for a moment. 

In that moment the door opened and a tall and slender man walked in, followed by two butlers. He had long dark hair and a serious face, in which his black eyes shone on his pale skin. He sent a light smile at all the people in the room, who hurried to bow their heads while some of them murmured: ‘The Duke… It’s the Duke…’. Leon threw a last gaze at Dante before turning to the man called the Duke as well. 


Charlie dislike the smile on Dante’s face, it seemed so fake to him as if he was hiding something more under that smile of his, something unpleasant or evil. The blonde’s gaze never left the Dante as he talk, he must have been mistaken about that sad expression that he had caught in Dante’s eyes earlier who knew it might have been an act.

Charlie gritted his teeth when he heard Dante explanation to Leon’s question. He should have figured that the other must have received the same invitation from this vampire name Duke like his vampire friend.

Before he could say anything else to the obnoxious black hair vampire, he heard the sound of the door opening revealing a tall slender men and that butler from earlier. From the reaction of the vampire in the room when their new visitor arrive. This vampire was none other then the one who had invited everyone here. He bowed just like the rest of the vampire to show his respect to the owner.

» Flowery Friendship || Daken & Seiko


She could understand that Seiko was anxious in this moment, but the best thing to do was to keep calm and behave in the most rational way. Panicking would lead nowhere. But despite this, Daken was starting to feel really nervous too and the worry for the little phoenix was risking to make her lose her calm too. But she couldn’t panic now, she had to find Aiko and to help Seiko. 

When her friend let herself fall on her knees, the black-haired girl knelt down next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “Hey… Seiko… Don’t worry, I’m sure Aiko is fine. She is not a stupid, she knows that staying next to a cliff is dangerous so it’s impossible she fell down. Maybe she is hiding somewhere around here, or maybe she has even gone back to her school… Now get up and let’s go on looking for her, okay?”. She got back up and ofered her hand to the other girl, smiling reassuringly. Then she turned to the side and continued calling. “Aikooo!!”.


Seiko wrapped her arms around Daken when she felt the warmth of her friend’s arm around her shoulders. Letting her tears falling onto her Daken’s shoulder, tightening the grip.

Seiko pulled away from the hug nodding her head in response to Daken’s word. She knew she couldn’t collapse or breakdown if she wanted to find Aiko. She rubbed away the last of her tears with her hand “You are right Daken, Thanks.” she took Daken’s hand getting to her feet.

"I will head back to the school to see if she had return.. if not l-let’s follow the road in front of the school to the bottom of the cliff." she wish from the bottom of her heart that the second option wouldn’t be happening.

» kuroumineko has entered the forest


Ah, it looked like it would be useless to tell the other once again that there was no need to call him ‘san’: Junsei wouldn’t change his mind, it seemed, and for Gin it was fine in this way. He even giggled a little to himself. It was funny to be called in that way, even if in reality he didn’t deserve such respect. He wasn’t such an important person after all. “Oh… I do not know if it is really so funny to stay here with me while anyone else is having fun at the festival, but thank you so much. I appreciate the fact that you stay here and keep me company”, he said with a wide smile, bowing hi head a little as a thanks. 


"I do not think there will be any need for you to go and buy any food", he said with a mysterious smile, and he turned to the side, looking at the forest; a few moments later, a white big fox and what looked like an enormous grey cat appeared from the trees, carrying a plastic bag in their mouths and walking towards the temple. "Gin, we brought the food!”, the cat said happily, placing the bag on thw wooden stairs. The fox, which had three tails, looked at Junsei with suspicious eyes. “…who is this, Gin? A demon?”. Clearly, those two animals were spirits. 

Junsei’s face turn a bright red when he heard the giggle that escape from Gin’s lip wondering if he had said or done something wrong. He was about to question when he heard Gin’s thanks. A smile spread across his face “You are welcome Gin-san, though it’s the true that I am having fun just by listening to the music and talking to you.” Gin was the first few friend that Junsei had ever made hence he was just happy and satisfied to be able to spend time with the other and hopefully getting a chance to know him better.

Junsei blinked his eyes in confusion when Gin told him that there was no need for him to go to the festival to get food with that mysterious smile on his face. The blonde’s question was soon answer when he saw a big white fox appearing from trees carrying a bag in his mouth.

Junsei grew nervous when the white fox stare at him with a suspicious eyes. The blonde bowed immediately “A-Ah My name’s Junsei, Asagari Junsei. Gin is my friend, he has helped me out when I had gotten lost in the forest the other time round. I don’t meant any harm”

{txt} I only smoke to get some distraction. My job is quite stressful lately and I have so many things in mind right now. I just can't help it.


[Text] You really need to relax more blondie face. Could you open your house door right now? [/text]

{txt to Jin} Wow, you really are an idiot. Why do you want to take them away? Do you secretly smoke too or what?


[Text] ORZ I am being call an idiot by my best friend…  I don’t smoke blondie face besides aren’t you one who want me to stop you from smoking? without those cigarettes you wouldn’t be able to smoke isn’t it? If you ever dare to try and buy I have my way to make sure you couldn’t~ It’s better then getting your head hurt on the wall ;D [/text]